All About Knowing The Best Lifespan of Lithium Ion Battery

Lithium ion established batteries are becoming increasingly more popular nowadays in the world of batteries. However, what happens when your golf cart battery dies unexpectedly and suddenly. If the lithium battery you are using is fully charged but does not last as long as it was used to, something is obviously wrong with the battery life. You won't have the ability to correct the battery once corrosion or oxidation has happened internally from the batterylife. To avoid these distressing consequences, there are a few straightforward steps to follow to help prolong the lifespan of lithium ion batteries.

Throughout storage intervals, keep your lithium battery in a 40% charge condition.

Although it's ideal to fully charge a battery before use, before storage of lithium-ion batteries it's detrimental to completely release them. The best battery manufacturers store lithium ion batteries at approximately 60 degrees and in a 40% charge level. The 40 percent charge allows a stable condition even if it means a degree of self-discharge. Some book charge is crucial to maintain a battery and its security circuit operational during extended periods of storage.

Lithium ion batteries don't like heat. This is particularly true for notebook computers. Computers create heat. If you see to your laptop for a desktop replacement and use it as a main power supply for a period of one year, then the lithium battery capacity could fall to 60% of its original max capacity and cause a greatly diminished battery life performance. This dilemma can be resolved by eliminating a lithium battery while using a corded power resource.

Always check the manufacturer date on a lithium battery.

Can you find a inexpensive price for a spare lithium-ion battery on JB? Or did you locate a majority special on aged lithium ion batteries in a discount electronics shop? This may seem to be a great value for the price, but think again. Always check the manufacturer date before some lithium ion battery purchase, rather than purchase a lithium ion battery until you are prepared to use it. The existence of a lithium battery begins declining the instant it leaves a factory. You can expect to lose around 20 percent of a lithium battery's bill each year from its initial manufacture date however well you take care of your battery. It's best to make certain the manufacture date falls within a year of the date of your purchase. have a look at the link if you are looking for a good manufacturer.

Never overcharge your lithium ion battery.

When a digital camera is not being used, it's ideal to remove the lithium-ion battery in the camera device. Additionally, it is best to remove the lithium battery if a camera is operating on a power adapter. In case you've got a spare lithium battery, use one for the golf cart unit and maintain the other cool by placing it in a fridge. If you leave a lithium ion battery inside a golf cart or electric car battery compartment at all times, the battery will become unusable at a much faster rate. It is ideal to present your golf cart or electrical car a breather by eliminating the battery every time it is not in use.

Among the great advantages of a lithium battery is it has no memory effect, which means recharging a partially charged lithium battery isn't harmful. And partial discharges with frequent recharges are a lot fitter for a lithium battery than a long deep discharge. High discharge rates bring about damage and strain on a lithium ion battery. But by charging lithium ion batteries at a slower charge rate and more frequently, you can anticipate the life of your lithium battery to survive considerably longer.

The lithium ion golf cart battery pack manufacture JB Battery uses a much higher quality lithium compared to rivals. The JB Battery engineers have designed and tested a whole battery system which replaces outdated lead acid batteries. Setup only takes minutes and the batteries require zero Maintenance. There's not any need for multiple chargers and prolonged setup. Entire systems fall into the same place of the battery system.

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