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5G and Iot

Well, if you are familiar with the term 2G, 3G and 4G, then you have an idea about what 5G is. 5G and IoT That’s right. It is nothing but a faster version of the mobile network 4G. The term refers to the 5th generation mobile network technology. Moreover, this new global wireless network allows you to virtually connect with literally anyone and anything on the globe. This includes machines, objects, devices and much more! And even though it won’t remove cables, it will remove their requirements. Since it largely operates on cloud servers.

Internet of Behavior

As you know data mining has become a common phenomenon with the IoT on the run. And that’s how IoB was born. IoB refers to the process of utilizing data collected from IoT devices to influence and analyze consumer behavior. So, in short it is not just about collecting data from the internet sources. But it tends to understand the data properly. This analyzed report is then applied from a perspective of human psychology to create and promote new products. Internet of Behavior

Mobile App Development Guide

Mobile applications development is rooted in traditional software development. Mobile application development is a process of developing software applications that run on smartphones. These applications make use of the network and connect with remote computing resources. Mobile app development is inclusive of codes, binaries, and other software bundles. Besides, it includes backend services and testing as well. Mobile App Development Guide

Edge Computing

Edge Computing has transformed how data from multiple devices is handled, processed, and delivered across the world. It is a distributed computing framework. It ensures the proximity of enterprise applications to data sources. In the words of Gartner, “edge computing is a part of a distributed computing topology in which information processing is located close to the edge- where things and people produce or consume that information”.

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