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divorced parents need to be nice about the other one in front of the kid.

My parents definitely gave me the gift of life and I love life, even though its often hard and painful (and often joyful, fun, exciting and thrilling too).
So above everything else I feel grateful.
Certain choices that affected me I still disagree with and still feel painful to me.
I was supposed to go visit my father, who I love and the anticipation of the visit was really stressing me out so I cancelled the visit and emailed my father about the stuff he did that I disagreed with (in particular how he sought to alienate me from my mother after the divorce).
He responded with all this nonesense about how my mother is a bad person (a liar and a thief in his opinion and never loved me in his opinion) and how him keeping her away from us was best in his opinion.
I told my dad his opinions were nonesense and I sent him citation to peer reviewed published literature showing that kids need and deserve parents being nice about and towards each other. (there’s tons of support for that)
My mom is awesome in my opinion and not a liar or a thief in my opinion.
parents saying mean things about the other parent makes kids feel lonely and alone and hurts their feelings a lot and forever.
I’m divorced too and I always tell my kid how he has the prettiest and smartest mom of all.

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