The Best Cordless Vacuums In 2020: Products Worth Considering

Although the arrival of vacuum cleaners have made our daily household chores considerably less time consuming and taxing, finding a good vacuum cleaner that works for you and your house can be a difficult task.

After all, just like everything else, not all vacuums are created equally and there are some models that work better with a specific user type or house design than others.

For people who need maximum mobility and convenience, as well as having large houses with a lot of stairs, a cordless vacuum cleaner is a fine choice.

In this article, we’ll be showing you our picks of the Best vacuum cleaner for home in this category for your perusal.

1. Dyson V7 Motorhead

When it comes to cordless vacuums, Dyson is one of the best vacuum brands that you can buy from. The Dyson V7 Motorhead is affordable and packs enough power in its compact design to pick your house clean of dirt and debris.

When we pitched the V7 Motorhead against cordless vacuums from other brands like LG and Shark, the V7 managed to perform better than every single one. The impressive suction power that the electric motor within this vacuum can generate sucked out all dust and even pet hair from thick rugs and carpets. The vacuum performs just as well on hardwood floors.

The vacuum, thanks to its stick construction, is lightweight and is quite maneuverable, making it easy to control and use. The battery life of 25 minutes for each full charge can satisfy the cleaning needs of a small home or apartment. However, for larger houses, you might need to take a coffee break in the middle of your cleaning to wait for the vacuum to charge up.

The generous 0.14 gallons dust cup is easy to maintain and can be emptied conveniently by pushing a tab. There’s no need for you to touch the dirty bin.

Aside from the motorhead itself, the V7 Motorhead is also shipped with a crevice tool for you to reach into tight corners.

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2. Dyson V11 Torque Drive

The V11 Torque Drive is a serious upgrade and a big investment. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line vacuum, this is an excellent buy.

Performance is even greater than that of the V7 and in our tests, the V11 Torque Drive can deal with dirt, fine dust, and all debris types on all sorts of floorings (from bare floors to carpeting) with little trouble. As a matter of fact, it works even better than some of the corded vacuums we had tested.

Sensors inside the vacuum can detect when you have switched from carpeting to bare floors and it can adjust its suction power accordingly. This can save you a considerable amount of battery life as well as preventing your floor from being damaged by the brush roll. Controls are intuitive and modern with an LCD screen.

On an average, the battery life of the vacuum is quite good at roughly 40 minutes if your house is predominantly bare floors. For houses with mixed bare floors and carpeting, the run-time may be closer to 30 minutes on average. Lastly, for houses with a lot of rugs and carpets, since the vacuum will have to mobilize more power from the motor, expect a run-time of 20 minutes.

The V11 Torque Head is visibly bulkier and heavier than the V7 Motorhead, however, we still found it to be quite easy to maneuver and store. The design makes the weight incredibly balanced so it doesn’t affect cleaning performance very much.

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And that’s our best vacuum reviews! We hope that you’ve found the article to be useful in supplying you with necessary information.

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