Basic things for the beginner skateboarders

If you don’t know how and what to prepare for your first time skating, this post is for you. Skateboarding asks for an extreme effort, enthusiasm and practicing time from skaters. These are the things you should prepare along with the following things, which are basic exercises for the new skateboarders, skateboarding safekeeping equipment and appropriate skateboarding types. The post is from SkateAdvisors.

Fundamental exercises to start with

Before learning tricks and stunts, you should take some basic lessons which are keeping balance and falling in the right way. When you excel at keeping balance, learning tricks is much easier for you. And if you know how to fall in a way that decreases the ability of being injured, you will be more willing to learn skating tricks.

Basic things for the beginner skateboarders

Skateboarding safekeeping equipment

Buying safekeeping equipment before starting your skating journey is a must-to-do thing. You should prioritize it over other things. This equipment includes a helmet and pads for parts of your body. One important thing about the helmet is that you need to buy the one with full protection towards your backhead. All these things should be bought from well-known brands.

Types of skateboards which are suitable for you

There are many options for you to opt for a skateboard. You just need to know the purpose of using this board because the models of skateboards are divided according to its function.

In addition, it is recommended to start with a cheap skateboard as the beginner skateboarders tend to break their first board just in a short period of time.

Apart from price, you should focus on the brand of skateboards and the quality. If you find it hard to select the first skateboard, you should ask your friends who are skaters or you can visit SkateAdviors where there are categories of skateboards.

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