Tips to Increase Your Speed and Efficiency on Your Embroidery Sewing Machine

Perhaps the most important step you should take in increasing your speed on the embroidery machine is to choose a machine with high speed. For instance, a speed of 1,100 stitches per minute can help you accomplish more jobs than you can ever imagine. There are several other things you can do to enhance your speed especially if you use your sewing machine for commercial purposes.

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Tip 1: Avoid Thread Breaks in Sewing Machine

Thread breaks are the commonest cause of sewing downtime. If this problem becomes a regular occurrence, then you need to find its cause. A machine that is in good working condition must have zero or very few thread breaks. When looking for a solution to the problem, you must check the position of the needle and its position. You must also check the tension of the bobbin, and you must also check whether the thread path is correctly positioned. You should also check the condition of the machine’s thread, the older the thread becomes, the more likely it will create problems.

Tip 2: The Thread Tension Must not be Too Tight or Too Loose

The tension on the thread of your machine will likely affect the running of the embroidery machine as well as the finished product. Thread break chances increase significantly when the tension of the thread is too tight, this may also lead to the under-thread showing on top of the machine. If the thread is too loose then you may witness looping on top of your embroidery material. You should consider getting a machine that comes with auto-tensioning to resolve or prevent this problem. The auto-tensioning will drastically reduce downtime and thread break risks.

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Tip 3: You Must Frame Up Your Next Run in Advance

Framing is another way of increasing your speed and preventing issues with embroidery sewing machines. You should have at least 2 sets of frames per size. Doing this means you will keep one frame on standby while you use the second. With this arrangement, the sewing machine will only stand for a few seconds.

Other Steps to Take

It is important to optimize your work area if you want to attain better speed. Make sure you create a good workflow by ensuring that goods coming in are going out, to prevent clutters that will slow you down. You need to avoid unnecessary obstruction to achieve the best speed you want. Maximize a digitized design by test-running your new design to ensure a run-free operation that will prevent thread breaks. With too many stitches on top of each other, there could be heavy density that can lead to thread breaks plus serious downtime.

You should also consider using a modular embroidery system that can significantly reduce your sewing machine downtime and make your sewing operation much more convenient. If you can implement all these changes, your speed will certainly improve. Read more on Best Product Evaluated to make the best choice of the sewing machine. Break a leg!

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