Discover some awesome messaging apps for Android

On Android app stores, there are countless messaging apps. To be able to find interesting messaging apps, it will make users spend a lot of time. Therefore, this article would like to help readers to save time and find useful messaging apps quickly by introducing some interesting messaging apps that are not only for adults but also for children.

Yahoo Together

Organize groups and chat the way you want through Yahoo's new chat app called Yahoo Together (the old name is Squirrel). With this app, you can manage various chat groups and create them with multiple topics.

Once a golden age and the most popular chat app for young people, Yahoo Messenger now became the past because it was officially closed for reasons of long-term losses. This makes many users feel regret. Yahoo also said that Yahoo Messenger's death attempt to build and introduce new, interesting and more suitable communication tools for customers.

And it is true. Yahoo immediately launched an alternative group chat app called Yahoo Together with many attractive features. More specifically, for Yahoo's old users, accounts will be redirected to this new Yahoo Together service.

Yahoo Together has all the features commonly found in popular messaging apps. Besides, it has some other unique features such as creating private chat rooms for each person, specific chat topics or secret chat for private chats.

With the Yahoo Messenger group chat app, you can chat with your family members, close friends or colleagues in an extremely interesting way. Users will easily arrange, plan and play. Besides, the app also has handy features such as creating secret chat groups, highlighting important messages for everyone to easily see, remind, customizable, and muted reactions.

Features of Yahoo Together for Android

· Room: Create a private room for specific people or topics. Chat while still receiving notifications from other groups.

· Mute: Turn off notifications of other rooms.

· Secret room: Use a secret room to chat privately with acquaintances.

· Reminder: Plan and do not need to try to remember. Automatically set a group reminder by clicking on the message and clicking on the prompt.

· Reactions: Create one-touch reactions for groups.

· Blast: Make sure everyone in the group sees important messages.

· Attachment: Share photos, documents or links. Later, you can find them easily anywhere.

· See activity: Never miss an important message. Know when you are mentioned by others, all in one view.

· Privacy: Invite your group with a link. No need to share your contacts.

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Paltalk for Android is a completely free chat app that allows you to get to know and make friends with users from all over the world.

With the support of this program, users can perform many entertainment activities at the same time with their friends regardless of whether they are thousands of kilometers apart. Specifically, you can participate in more than 5 thousand online chat rooms, join karaoke or study groups with friends. Not only that, but users can also participate in serious discussions about issues such as economics and politics in Paltalk.

Paltalk gives users high-quality video calls and sharp images with stable network connections. If you like making new friends, Paltalk is a program you should not miss. Download Paltalk for Android to enjoy free chat right on your mobile phone.

Features of Paltalk for Android

Simple, easy to use, special, and completely free

Users only take a few minutes to get acquainted with this video chat program. First, to be able to use the software, you need to register a Paltalk account using your email address or log in via Facebook. Completing the above procedure is that you can immerse yourself in the world of millions of other users in Paltalk.

Make new friends quickly

Users can participate in the chat rooms of the program, practice English to get acquainted and make friends with millions of users worldwide. Even if you're lucky, you might get to know a new friend in real life.

Join conversations and update information fast

With over 5000 online chat rooms, certain Paltalk can provide you with a suitable place to be able to talk about the topics you care about.

Chat for free with friends

Paltalk allows users to call free video calls with their friends and relatives. This program supports up to 3 users during a video call.

Some new features updated on Paltalk

· New chat room information button.

· Notifications about Vgift and IM in the conversation have been resolved.

· New conversation indicator.

· Camera is now able to open and close in conversation.

· Currently support Korean.

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Messenger Kids

Today, children are exposed to electronic devices such as tablets or smartphones very early. This makes parents concerned that they may be exposed to inappropriate content. Recognizing this matter, Facebook launched Messenger Kids - a secure messaging app for children. The app has full features so your kids can connect with the people they love, of course under the control of parents.

Features of Messenger Kids for Android

Parents have strict control with children

· With this app, parents have full discretion to block or agree to all contacts with their children, so the kids can chat in a better and more controlled environment.

· Parents can delete any contact at any time if they feel suspicious about safety.

· Parents can also use sleep mode to set the time when their children cannot use the app.

· Sent messages will not disappear and cannot be hidden in case parents want to check.

· Messenger Kids does not insert ads or require in-app purchases. This is a completely free app.

Children will have a healthier environment for play and interaction

· The app provides many stickers, GIFs, photo frames and emoticons that are suitable for children, helping them to be creative and express themselves.

· 1: 1 video calls or group calls will come alive with an exciting interactive sticker mode.

· The diverse and fully functional photography feature allows children to create videos and decorate photos to share with their loved ones via social networks.

Work with Messenger

· Parents and adults accepted by parents can chat with children through Messenger.

· The app works on all Android tablets and smartphones.

· No need to register phone numbers - you just need WiFi to install and use Messenger Kids.

Safe for children

· Creating a Messenger Kids account for children does not necessarily mean creating a Facebook account for them.

· Parents and guardians can use their own Facebook account to create Messenger Kids accounts for their children.

· Children have the option to report or block inappropriate addresses and content. If the child clicks the report button, the parent or guardian will receive a notification.

We hope that after reading the article, you can find out the one that suits your needs. Cheers!

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