What are the 6 benefits of the game?

Creativity, the expression of emotions, physical activity and the development of cognitive, social and communication skills are some of the benefits of play in the development of children.

The game is one of the activities most deeply rooted in the lives of children from birth. In addition, the fact of playing has a fundamental role in their growth and development, since it is not only about having fun, but also about relating to others, sharing, stimulating the imagination, etc.

According to the specialized website The Genius of Play, an organization that is part of The Toy Association (United States) and regularly publishes advice on the world of the game, it is a learning tool

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  • Encourage creativity : The game gives them the opportunity to let their imagination run wild and create their fantasy worlds. Children have the freedom to explore new possibilities, think out of the box, come up with solutions ... which also helps them get to know themselves. According to The Genius of Play on a survey, "successfully navigating an increasingly complex world will require creativity more than any other skill."
  • Develop physical skills : Physical play is one of the most memorable aspects of childhood, motivated -mainly- by active play, essential for the physical development of children. Helps children hone their coordination, balance, gross motor skills (large movements like crawling and walking), and fine motor skills (smaller movements like picking up objects).
  • Express and process emotions : Play is a way for children to express their vision of the world. Their scenarios, characters, and imaginary plots match their emotional state and help them learn to express and regulate their feelings. Children learn to cope with their emotions as they act out fear, frustration, anger, and aggression in a situation they control. It is also an opportunity for them to practice empathy and understanding.
  • Improve social skills : Play also encourages children's social relationships, as it encourages them to communicate with others, either with secret languages, instructions, debates, team challenges, conflict resolution ... Through play, the most Little ones learn to create and maintain friendships, a value that will enrich them as people, in addition to recognizing and responding to the feelings of others, sharing, showing affection ...
  • Improve cognitive skills : From birth to the age of three, children's brains develop at a faster rate than at any other time in their lives, making it an ideal time to truly learn and understand cognitive skills, such as paying attention, reasoning, remembering things they have learned and experienced, and motor skills.
  • Communication Skills : By playing with others, children learn the art of communication. They come to recognize both verbal and non-verbal language - facial expressions, body language ... -. This makes them more social beings and with better vocabulary, as they discover how to adapt to every situation, start and hold conversations, and how to express their thoughts and wishes in a way that does not hurt others, etc.

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