Things you need to do before buying a complete skateboard

Believe me! Buying a skateboard is not as difficult as you think. Don’t hear what others say that choosing a skateboard is difficult, you will choose the wrong one, and so on. I don't think choosing the skateboard is difficult because I picked a good skateboard right at the first time. Not by luck, but because I did a bit of research before buying. In this article, I'll tell you what I did to buy a good board. You can refer to this article as well: How to choose a complete skateboard for every age.

  1. What is your skateboarding style?

You need to know what type of rider you are, so you can choose the right skateboard. If you are going to do tricks continuously, choose a shortboard; If you are going for long distances choose a longboard; If you plan to go short distances and have to turn a lot, choose a cruiser.

  1. Decide the size and shape.

Once you've identified your skateboard style, now let's find the size and shape of your skateboard. Standard skateboard widths are typically between 8.0 "- 8.25". This size fits most shoe sizes. In terms of shapes, if you plan to do more tricks, choose popsicle shapes. This is the most common shape of skateboards today.

Things you need to do before buying a complete skateboard

  1. Choose where to buy your board

Opt for choosing boards at local stores that specialize in skateboards. I recommend not buying skateboards at the malls or toy stores, as they are often of poor quality. The benefit of buying skateboards directly in the store is the ability to physically touch the product and ask the clerk about it. That is for the best.

Buying skateboards online isn't a bad idea. I bought my first crazy skateboard at SkateAdvisors because it was top 1 site on Google when I queried for the keyword "best skateboard for beginners". The board was still working fine, but I gave it to a friend because he asked for it and liked that board very much.

I think by now you know what to do. Hope you find a good skateboard!

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