30 Wonderful Cause and Effect Topics

Before an essay writer can delve into cause and effect essays, he or she should understand the universality of cause and effect.

Everything in the world is connected by events through causation. One event begets another. An action garners a response, which can beget an action and so on.

Reality composed of people, planes, and things are connected with each other and transform through their interactions.

A rainy day (a single cause) can have various effects of different magnitudes: help to put out a wildfire or keep you from playing tennis outside.

Various causes such as morning fog, worn-out tires, and getting late to work can combine can lead to a car accident(the effect).

The world progresses on an interplay of cause and effect; the implications of cause and effect can range from as little as stubbing your toe to as bid as Global Warming.

What is a Cause and Effect Essay?

In academic writing, it comes under the umbrella of Expository essays. The essay writer is expected to find a relation between various events and through subsequent research and analysis explain the causality of causes and events, that is described by write my essay service.

This essay is more than connecting one dot to the next. A student needs to demonstrate the understanding of the topic by bringing forth causes and effects that have strong causality but would have gone unnoticed otherwise.


There are two types of Cause and Effect Essays:

  1. Single cause-Many Effect: Here we analyze the causation of many effects resulting from a single cause.

  2. Many causes-Single Effect: Here we analyze the causation of a single effect coming as a result of many causes.


It follows the same academic structure of:

  • Introduction: Includes the thesis statement that explains the exact causality that is going to be defined.

  • Body Paragraphs: Each cause-effect or effect-cause relationship will get a separate paragraph. The causation for each paragraph will be introduced in the topic sentence.

  • Conclusion: Should reiterate the main relationships while restating the thesis. Keep in mind you can get online help from essay writing service.

Topic Ideas

Here are the topic ideas for you to write the cause and effect essay on:

  1. Predict the effects of a World War Three

  2. What sparked the Civil Rights Moment?

  3. Implications of racism on young African-Americans

  4. What has caused the concentration of the majority of global wealth to a few individuals?

  5. Why is the population of bees decreasing?

  6. What will happen to a world without bees?

  7. The impact of the production of oat milk on the environment?

  8. The implications of dairy farming

  9. What will happen if the world became a vegetarian?

  10. What causes an epidemic to spread around the world?

  11. The negative effects of tourism on the culture of a place

  12. Why do people drop out of college?

  13. What caused the Great Depression of the 1930s?

  14. The lasting effects of the Great Recession of 2007-2009?

  15. Effect of epidemics on the world economy

  16. The effects of the Amazon Forest deforestation

  17. Effects of physical exercise on the cognition

  18. What are the causes of an increased rate of divorce in the US?

  19. What effects does a bad marriage have on children?

  20. What are the lasting impacts of an Early Childhood Education

  21. Effects of academic pressure on a student’s mental health

  22. What are the harmful impacts that the fashion industry has caused upon the environment?

  23. The cause and effects of Brexit?

  24. What caused the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster?

  25. How is technology making us dumber?

  26. The useful effects of fasting on the human body

  27. The effects of meditation on the human mind

  28. Causes of Anxiety and Depression in the work environment

  29. Marijuana’s impact on teenage smokers, and its implications later in life.

  30. The effects of Marijuana legalization on the US economy.
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