BM@N group at MEPhI

PhD students

  • Yulya Gornaya


About BM@N experiment

The Nuclotron at JINR will provide beams of heavy ions with energies up to 6A GeV for isospin symmetric nuclei, and 4.65A GeV for Au nuclei. In central heavy-ion collisions at these energies, nuclear densities of about 4 times nuclear matter density can be reached. These conditions are well suited to investigate the equation-of-state (EOS) of dense nuclear matter which plays a central role for the dynamics of core collapse supernovae and for the stability of neutron stars. At the same time, heavy-ion collisions are a rich source of strangeness, and the coalescence of kaons with lambdas or of lambdas with nucleons will produce a vast variety of multi-strange hyperons or of light hypernuclei, respectively.

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