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The SELEX experiment (E781) at Fermilab is a 3-stage magnetic spectrometer for the high statistics study of charm hadroproduction out to large Feynman variable, x, using 600 GeV/c Σ, π and 540 GeV/c p beams.


year title authors journal
2015 The transverse momentum dependence of charged kaon Bose-Einstein correlations in the SELEX experiment SELEX Collaboration [arXiv] [journal]
2004 Observation of a narrow charm-strange meson DsJ(2632)→Ds+η and D0K+ SELEX Collaboration [arXiv] [journal]
2002 First observation of the doubly charmed baryon Ξcc+ SELEX Collaboration [arXiv] [journal]
1998 First charm hadroproduction results from SELEX SELEX Collaboration [arXiv]
2009 Nuclear dependence of charm production SELEX Collaboration [arXiv] [journal]
2007 Polarization of Λ0 and antiΛ0 inclusively produced in 610 GeV/c Σ- and 525 GeV/c p beams SELEX Collaboration [arXiv]
1998 The SELEX phototube RICH detector SELEX Collaboration [arXiv] [journal]
1998 The SELEX (E781) RICH detector SELEX Collaboration [journal]
See also the list of papers by SELEX Collaboration at INSPIRE.

year title authors conference
2016 Two pion Bose-Einstein correlations in the SELEX experiment Dmitry Larin International Session-Conference of the Section of Nuclear Physics of PSD RAS
2016 Зависимость фемтоскопических корреляций заряженных пионов от быстроты и поперечного импульса в эксперименте SELEX Dmitry Larin V Международная молодежная научная школа-конференция
SELEX experiment schematic view

SELEX layout

Particle identification in SELEX

Particle identification
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