The History and Politics of Cockfights

cockfight presidency

As a child of the Second World War, I grew up with a vivid memory of the cockfight presidency of John E. Elliott. In addition S128 to being a wonderful story, it is also a great example of how the American president can affect the morale of the people that he is in charge of. After all, a president is actually the leader of a country.

Cockfight presidential races are not necessarily as interesting as the race that takes place between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney in the United States of America. However, you will have to remember that a cockfight is really just like a horse race, where the only difference is that the prize is much bigger than a horse's; therefore the stakes are also much larger.

When the First World War was over, the cockfight became one of the most popular past times for the citizens of the city that was named after the President of the United States, John Elliott. However, when President Elliott passed away, his life ended at this moment. Therefore, in order to get his rightful honor, the people of the city decided to hold a cockfight on the anniversary of his passing.

Of course, when it comes to an election, this type of event is always considered to be a waste of time because the people in charge are going to let things slide; therefore it is usually the first time the United States President has been in a competition before. Of course, many people consider this to be a waste of money, as well as a waste of time.

However, for those who grew up in a time where cockfights were extremely popular, they can understand why holding a cockfight would be a very fun thing to do and also a great way for a city to honor their fallen President. After all, in addition to being the president of a nation, the president is actually responsible for many things, including protecting his country from invaders.

Therefore, the cockfight could be the perfect way to show your support for President Barack Obama, while showing the American people that you care about them. I would encourage you to give this type of activity a try if you want to see if the time has come to show support for a man that you believe is important in your life.

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