Phrases and terms about structure of a skateboard

Before stepping into the skateboarding world, you should know some basic terms about skateboarding. Down below is the list of words relating to parts of a skateboard that is familiar to every skater. Don’t force yourself to do tricks right after buying a skateboard. Let’s start with these terms first since it will help you communicate with the players easier when you have some trouble with your skateboard, or when you are in need of buying one. Besides, you can refer to SkateAdvisors to have an answer for the question of which skateboards to buy.

Phrases and terms about structure of a skateboard

Grip tape

On the font of the deck, there is a layer which is gritty and rough. This layer is grip tape. The purpose of grip tape is to hold the balance of skaters, help them stand firmly, and reduce the ability of unexpected fall from their skateboard while having a ride. To feel more comfortable, skaters tend to slice patterns into the tape. You will find most of this part is in black, but nowadays, more skateboard brands manufacture colorful grip tape.

Wheels of skateboards

Wheels are placed underneath of a skateboard and attached to the skateboard deck. Their sizes are from 40 to 70 mm and their hardness is from 0 to 100. You should base on your purpose to choose the most suitable one. Manufactures use polyurethane to make skateboard wheels.

Deck of skateboard deck

This flat part has a rectangular and oval shape. Manufacturers usually use 7 plywood pieces for old-school and standard skateboards. Besides, they also use abundant types of material such as plastic, kevlar and more. However, the excellent skaters have a favour for decks made of wood.

Skateboard trucks

A skateboard always goes with two trucks which are placed on the opposite side of each other. Their particular material is metal. It is complex to make a truck as it contains plentiful facets and pieces in a truck.

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