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Remember the moment when Steve Jobs pulled a device out of his pocket on stage? The moment he put his hand in his pocket and pulled out the device, everyone knew it would change the world. “It’s a phone, an iPod and an internet device combined in one.” The gaming era evolved like a forest fire.

Today, we have come a long way since basic arcade games. But that’s just the scratch. With time, the evolution of games will see things that are beyond the possibility of our current imagination. It is now a world of infinite possibilities. Let us take a look at some changes possible in the gaming world in the near future.

HD Online Games:

The only thing that makes it stand behind the wall is graphics.

The online gaming world is just as popular as offline gaming world. The only thing that makes it stand behind the wall is graphics. But with the new cutting-edge technology, flexible data plans, and expanded bandwidth, we will soon have the variety of online pc games to play with UHD features.

Games like Human Evolution and Saint Row: The Third is already surpassing anything that was thought possible for online graphics, and there is still more to come. The best part is that you can play the game on any internet enabled device. So consoles and high-end PCs are no longer needed.

Multiplayer Gameplay:

Some might say that this feature is a little over-rated, but that isn’t the case. The latest gaming sensation PUBG is the biggest example of high definition, user-friendly, multiplayer gameplay. You get to choose your team, you can add some random players on the team, you get to play as mercenaries, and it’s a team effort.

While consoles offer two-player support in multiplayer, online gaming can support a whole lot more. Games like Clash of Clans offer up to 50 players to play together. Some may say that it is a strategy game, but it is still a very good way to connect to a huge number of people in one shot. Who doesn’t like that?


The main feature of this entire concept will be the competition.

We are all looking forward to the day when Virtual Reality will be as handy and accessible as smartphones today. Imagine playing games like Vector or PUBG in VR. You might think that the day is too far away; but remember, it was only in 2007 when the first smartphone was launched.

The main feature of this entire concept will be the competition. It is only a matter of time before the entire world starts craving virtual reality. Once it’s out, there will be a plethora of brands making cheaper and more promising versions of it.

Games will get even cheaper:

Remember the Nintendo era when one game cost our entire pocket money? There is hardly any game today that costs more than 5 bucks. So, when it comes to price comparison, you are already on a cheaper side.

It is undeniable that the graphics are far better than what it used to be. Even the controls are better and more mobile than ever. So, today we have good graphics, lower price, and state of the art gameplay, all easily accessible. Try Infinity Blade. It is fun, it’s free, and it can rival the gameplay of the Play Station 2 itself. The trend suggests that games would continue to get cheaper while delivering better graphics and features. How about trying out some awesome free online games to play now and enjoy the stunning graphics and features.

Physical Controls:

If VR is a possibility, so is the possibility of physical controls. Imagine a world where you can play combat games like Street Fighter with your bare hands. A virtual reality set where you can make other players fly with just a swing in the air.

One way to achieve this would be using a headgear with sound/visuals and a sensor attached to your whole body. Of course, with time it will be a more distinctive and portable version but we have got to start somewhere, right?

Tiny Budget custom games:

Developers will run out of good ideas and themes for games. But imagine a world where it is as easy to design a game as websites on Word Press. Some people might still think that Word Press designs are tough. But the fact is that it is relatively easy to make a website today than what it was five years ago.

Imagine the same interface for games. Everyone with the access to game designing and ideas filled with innovations and gameplay options. A world where anyone can be a game developer from his home!

3D without 3D Glasses:

A budget-friendly 3D game with online gameplay is a major project.

Playing games in 3D rocks, but we just can’t afford a 3D console with all the gadgets needed. But that would soon change. A budget-friendly 3D game with online gameplay is a major project. Some of the big names in the industries like Gameloft and Ubisoft are already working on it. It is only a matter of time before we get access to one of the gadgets and find ourselves more immersed in the world of gaming than ever before.

Live Cinematic Experience:

We all know that a good game has a great story behind it. Be it call of duty, Assassin’s Creed or Prince of Persia, there is always a good story behind it. Now imagine the possibility of controlling the game’s cinematics virtually? Or the possibilities of living like a character in a game that lasts for a week or a month. The entire life of a virtual character could be in your hands, not just what the developers decided in the gameplay. A combination of VR and physical controls with advanced cinematics can make this dream possible. Now, that’s a dream worth living.

Final Words:

These were just a few possibilities that the near future holds for us. But we all know that they are not limited to it. As a matter of fact, they will go beyond the level of our expectations. In reality, gaming is one of the few areas were human innovation will continue to marvel. After all, we only live once to play. Therefore, wait no longer. Let’s check out some free online games no downloads at Mantigames and have fun.
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