Vacation this weekend yay!! We are heading up to the cottage so thank goodness we have a kitchen I can make my own meals. But it’s an 8 hour drive and we will be stopping along the way for lunch. Any suggestions of meals that are ok at fast food places? I’m hoping I can get some soup or fruit somewhere.

Has anyone's GERD/Acid Reflux improved when they've stopped taking medication, i.e. Nexium 40. I've been using Nexium for 6 weeks and my symptoms have not improved, just become worse. I initially had slight discomfort in my throat only. Now I have discomfort 24/7 in my throat, chest and abdomen. Thinking the Nexium could be the reason?

It's supplementing acid rather than suppressing it. If you look into low stomach acid (which my doctor agrees with), the majority of people actually suffer from low acid rather than high. The burn and reflux presents as the same, because in order for the lower esophageal sphincter to function and close properly it needs sufficient stomach acid to receive the signal to close. I take betaine hcl - I couldn't take hcl with pepsin as silent reflux often points to an overproduction of pepsin which I evidently have. Supplementing the hydrochloric acid only has been amazing - higher energy, more regular bowel movements, colour in my face, and my food not sitting in my stomach.

What I have learned from having Gerd/acid reflux and gastritis is this: Not all PPI like Nexium and Prilosec and Zantac is that they all work differently for each person. If Nexium isn't working for you it's because it may not be. Try a different OTC PPI like Prilosec twice a day. Also your symptoms maybe too bad for OTC PPIs to help you. Talk to your doctor about a stronger PPI by perscription like Pantoprazole and liquid Carafate.


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