PHENIX Reports

Date Title Presenter Comments
2016.05.05 PHENIX meeting PID results 39-62.4 GeV S. Vdovkina  
2016.05.05 PHENIX meeting - current state of charged hadron flow analysis 39-200 GeV A. Zaytsev  
2016.05.01 Another Dead Module Correction. Gain Equalization and RXN Ring Weighting effects A. Zaytsev  
2016.04.27 PHENIX meeting - exampes of plots S. Vdovkina  
2016.04.20 39 - 62 GeV. Full statistic A. Zaytsev  
2016.04.19 Central Arms Acceptance - zero mean. QA: N events, centrality, Ntracks , <cosnΨ>. 200Gev S.Vdovkina  
2016.04.19 RXN cut. Central arm recentering – X and Y v2 components A. Zaytsev  
2016.04.13 INN vs OUT. Dead module correction. Flattening. X and Y with a_2n+- correction A. Zaytsev  
2016.04.13 Central Arms Acceptance Studies. Quality analysis – N events, centrality. S. Vdovkina  
2016.04.07 Dead Module correction studies EP vs SP; X and Y flow components A. Zaytsev  
2016.04.07 Methods of dead module correction; central Arms Acceptance Studies S. Vdovkina  
2016.03.30 Dead Module correction studies EP A. Zaytsev  
2016.03.30 Dead Module correction studies SP S. Vdovkina  
2016.03.21 5% centrality bins in SP; crosscheck; SP vs EP for 39 GeV S. Vdovkina  
2016.03.21 Effects of flattening, killed module and sigma division in recentering on flow results. A. Zaytsev  
2016.03.14 QA: <sinnΨ>(<cosnΨ>) , t<sub>offset</sub>; SP vs EP S. Vdovkina  
2016.03.14 QA: resolution and flow dependences on run number (or run group) A. Zaytsev  

PHENIX internal documents (analysis notes, etc)


  • 3 subevent method: (A) RXM-N RXN-S BBC, (B) RXM-N RXN-S Central Arm: for 2nd and 3rd harmonic
  • Create new tree with Q3 for BBC-N and BBC-S (Arkadiy at RCF)
  • Plots for resolution: ratio of 20sub vs 3 sub
  • Extend the plots for 200 GeV to higher pT
  • include plot with the ratio with published results
  • Include ratios with published PID results
  • Include comparison with 200 GeV between SP and EP
  • Test dead module corrections for v3
  • PID QA: 2D plots for m2 vs p, and 1D plots at fixed pT for m2 (all plots on a log scale)
  • Distribution of pions, kaons, protons for phi and pT
  • pT efficiency for pions, kaons, protons, and charge hadrons.
  • Analysis Note for 62 and 200 for PID efficiency
  • Add Ecal for the PID: for m^2 vs. p

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