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Introductory literature

Introductory literature

Topical literature

Glauber model

year title authors link
2007 Glauber Modeling in High Energy Nuclear Collisions M. Miller, K. Reygers, S. Sanders, P. Steinberg Ann.Rev.Nucl.Part.Sci. 57 (2007) 205-243
2010 Phenomenology of Ultra-relativistic Heavy-ion Collisions (Chapter 3) W. Florkowski te xt, ISBN-9789814280662
2010 Современное Применение Модели Глаубера В Столкновении Ядер Высоких Энергий Кривенков Д.О. текст реферата
2014 Improved version of the PHOBOS Glauber Monte Carlo C. Loizides, J. Nagle, P. Steinberg arXiv:1408.2549
2016 Glauber modeling of high-energy nuclear collisions at sub-nucleon level C. Loizides arXiv:1603.07375
2014 GlauberMC: A ROOT-based implementation of the PHOBOS Glauber Monte Carlo B. Alver, M. Baker, C. Loizides, P. Steinberg TGlauberMC code
1980 Quark - Parton Cascade In Nucleus And Secondary Hadron Spectra In Hadron Nucleus Collisions. (in Russian) S.A. Voloshin, Yu.P. Nikitin, P.I. Porfirov Yad.Fiz. 31 (1980) 762-775
2003 Nucleon participants or quark participants? S. Eremin, S. Voloshin Phys.Rev. C67 (2003) 064905
2003 Eccentricity fluctuations and its possible effect on elliptic flow measurements Mike Miller, Raimond Snellings nucl-ex/0312008
2015 Azimuthal anisotropy in U+U and Au+Au collisions at RHIC STAR Collaboration Phys.Rev.Lett. 115 (2015) no.22, 222301
2016 Transverse energy production and charged-particle multiplicity at midrapidity in various systems from √sNN=7.7 to 200 GeV PHENIX Collaboration Phys.Rev. C93 (2016) no.2, 024901
2007 Ultrarelativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions (book) R. Vogt text
2016 Glauber modeling of high-energy nuclear collisions at sub-nucleon level C. Loizides arXiv:1603.07375
2003 Введение в объектно-ориентированный анализ на примере пакета ROOT Т.М. Соловьева
Centrality determination

year title authors link
1972 Scaling of multiplicity distributions in high-energy hadron collisions Z. Koba, H. Nielsen, P. Olesen Nucl.Phys. B40 (1972) 317-334
2007 Centrality determination of Pb-Pb collisions at √sNN = 2.76 TeV with ALICE ALICE Collaboration Phys.Rev. C88 (2013) no.4, 044909

year title authors linkSorted ascending
2013 Femtoscopy in relativistic heavy ion collisions: two decades of progress M. Lisa, S. Pratt, R. Soltz, U. Wiedemann arXiv.:nucl-ex/0505014v2

Elementary particles cross sections


Wikipedia links

topic title
Quantum chromodynamics Fundamental interaction
Quantum chromodynamics Strong interaction
Quantum chromodynamics Quantum chromodynamics
Quantum chromodynamics Asymptotic freedom
Quantum chromodynamics Hadron
Quantum chromodynamics Hadronization
Extended QCD matter QCD matter
Extended QCD matter Quark-gluon plasma
Relativistic heavy-ion collisions High-energy nuclear physics
Relativistic heavy-ion collisions Elliptic flow
Research center CERN
Research center Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research
Research center Brookhaven National Laboratory
Research center GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research
Collider Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider
Collider Large Hadron Collider
Collider NICA
Accelerator Super Proton Synchrotron
Accelerator SIS100
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