What could be more romantic in the bedroom than a crackling fire? The idea is tempting, but the practicality needs to be preserved. Electric fireplace is best to use during winter. Fortunately, the selection of suitable small wood-burning stoves has never been greater and so all you have to do is find the right model for your home. We support you in this. Before we get into the different designs or even the installation, let's talk about the one thing we primarily hope for in a fireplace in the bedroom: cosiness. This is ensured by the cozy crackling, the warmth and the color of the flames - the choice of fuel is decisive. Wood fires give off a lot of light and warmth, at the same time they crackle very nicely and give off the classic campfire scent. Ethanol fireplaces also offer real flames, but they generate less heat and no smell or noise. Electric fireplace meanwhile impress with deceptively real flame effects, but produce more heat and create constant temperatures. This is a great advantage, especially in the bedroom.

The ideal indoor climate

To work out the perfect room temperature , simply multiply the number of cubic meters of your bedroom by 0.06 or 0.035. Use the first number for poor insulation and the second for well-insulated rooms. If you decide to buy a burner, the specialist staff will inform you about the heating output and its control. If the temperature in your home can already be comfortably regulated, a purely decorative small stove may be just right for you. Bioethanol fireplaces hardly give off any heat . With many electric fireplaces , the heating function can meanwhile be switched on or off separately as required.

The smoke evacuation

Many modern properties do not have a chimney at all, while other properties have to be connected first. If this also applies to your home, it does not mean the end of your dream of a small fireplace in the bedroom. Because the market offers numerous models with other options for safe and effective smoke evacuation. Would you like to rely on wood as a fuel in the traditional way? Then we recommend a closed wood stove with a specially installed exhaust pipe. If you prefer a fireplace with less installation effort, an ethanol or electric fireplace may be the better alternative. They can be operated without a chimney or smoke outlet and can be integrated cleanly and effortlessly into any interior.

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