According to a recent study done by APEX Market research, the thermal imaging camera market is forecasted to have massive growth within the next 7 years from now until 2025. Exactly why is the thermal imaging camera industry growing at such a rapid pace? Let me start off by talking through the history of thermal cameras. The first thermal imaging camera was developed in the 1950s with the purpose of providing better visibility in places that are dark or areas covered in smoke which would always be the case on the battlefield. Thermal imaging allows us to observe our surroundings in unfavorable environments and allows us to operate without any disruptions. From then until now, many other industries have also found different uses of thermal imaging. As technology is constantly developing, thermal imaging has been developing in a similar pace and can currently be used for many different functions.

Here are a few industries who use thermal imaging:

- Safety & law enforcement: used for surveillance, fire fighting, road safety, air quality, military etc.

- Wildlife: animal rescue, termite detection, hunting etc.

- Health-care: measure skin temperature, detect circulation problems & cancer etc.

- Electrical: power usage, overheating, solar panels etc.

- Machinery & Maintenance: HVAC maintenance and performance, aircraft maintenance, leak detection etc.

- Leisure: camping, ghost hunting, barbecuing etc.

Personally, I use thermal imaging cameras for leisure purposes, mainly for barbecuing and to check the temperature around the house. A couple of weeks ago, I purchased the IR0001 by which I have found to be very useful . Other than the camera, the package also included an SD card, manual, protection bag and a drop resistance rope. As someone who isn’t the most tech savvy, the manual was extremely helpful, so it didn’t take too long for me to get a hold of how to use it. As a foodie, I always look for ways to improve the quality of food I consume, and when barbecuing, being able to accurately keep track of the temperature makes it much easier to cook our food the way we like it. IR0001 has really helped improved the standard in this matter, which was clearly acknowledged by my friends who came over for barbecue last week! With Sunny weather coming, I have no doubt the IR0001 will be my best friend this summer.

For those who are looking into buying a thermal imaging camera, please note that the resolution of IR0001 isn’t the highest, but it is more than enough for my purposes. If you are in need of a thermal imaging camera with higher resolution, perfect prime are able to provide other models in the following link:

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