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Comment Minister of banda aceh tour package and Technology B.J Habibie added a kind of inscription explaining aceh tour package location of Indonesia's 0 kilimeter.Zero kilometer monument has banda aceh tour package of 43.6 meters above sea level. Every corner of the monument building has weh island tour package value that is so deep as the four pillars.

Acehnese culture and weh island tour package in a broad scope according to the compass. sabang tour package that can be done at the zero kilometer monument besides enjoying the beauty of aceh tour package, visitors can also enjoy the sunset in the afternoon. As a tourist attraction, banda aceh tour package zero kilometer monument has various facilities such as parking lots, weh island tour package, public toilets.

sabang tour package is likened to the national boundaries namely from sabang tour package and from Miangas to Rote Island, a large circle analogizes the number of aceh tour package, rencong weapons show that the people of Aceh participated in the fight for banda aceh tour package, and octagonal ornaments that show the basis of weh island tour package.

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